Mari Gior Art

Who We Are?

About Mari Gior

Mari Gior is a New York based artist, renowned for her iconic white rabbits. Her white rabbit collection was showcased in Gior’s immersive exhibition, Down the Rabbit Hole, which took over an entire 4 floor mansion in the East Village, “I often feel I’m falling down the rabbit hole,” says Gior. “I’ll spend days lost in a world where all that exists is the canvas, the colors & myself.”

Professionally trained in classical ballet, Mari Gior is a master of motion, technique & perseverance. Gior paints out of her bright and bustling studio with a style that has evolved from pop art into abstract expressionism. She loves literature & has created a method of embellishing canvas with pages from classic novels & antique books.

ART at the Intersection of BEAUTY & LIMINALITY

The scope of Mari Gior’s fingerprint on the New York art scene is vast, expanding from gallery exhibitions to live painting performances at festivals & nightclubs. “I have a fire for every experience & an obsession for freedom,” says Gior. Her artwork has also been auctioned off to raise money for notable charities like the Les Couleurs Charity & the Mi Amor Gala.